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Is the LS Sessions a knowledge portal?

Mon 8 Nov 2010, 09:49 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
One of the intriguing reactions to my question about continuing the Lotusphere Sessions database is that a few people, both in comments and emails, have talked about using the sessions database after Lotusphere as a place to store and track slides and session information.
Does that make the sessions database a knowledge portal? Who the heck knows, since I don't really know what a knowledge portal is, but I figure using the term would attract some IBMers who get all buzzword-horny when anyone says things like that.  I think it triggers some sort of consulting-dollar-pheromones.  But I digress.
I think most people are aware of the sessions database as a place to track, and even store, session slides and materials.  But could we go further?  For example:
  • There are excellent reasons why IBM does want presenters hawking their services and products.  Once the show is over, though, it might be useful if presenters could add a clear and obvious Contact Me for Product/Service Inquiries button.  Then, somebody who either liked the presentation, but wanted an expert to complete the work, or someone who never saw the presentation, but stumbled on the session information might be enticed by the content to hire the consultant.  (Full disclosure: Genii Software would not get any referral fees, advertising fees or anything else from such buttons or clicks or engagements, but might accept the occasional milk shake at future Lotuspheres.)
  • Most presentations are not videotaped, but it would be possible for presenters to do an audio or video of any or all of the content (not from the session itself, but made before or after), post it online and put a link into the sessions document.
  • If a presenter had a book or other materials related to the session content (either as a subset of the material, such as Tom Duff and Marie Scott's new book) in a link such as:

Do any of these ideas sound appealing to people?  Would they be useful additions to make the sessions database a more valuable resource after the conference?

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