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CKEditor fixed: Day 2 - inline attachments

Mon 22 Nov 2010, 04:34 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
The second in my series of fixes for one of the Top 10 enhancements people want to see in the CKEditor that Mary Beth Raven identified, inline attachments.  To be clear, my fix requires our software product.  The core method for attaching files has not changed, although I am looking at ways we could possibly do that, but the ability to add a file attachment in a specific 

In this series of screenshots, I am using CoexEdit in its "no design change" mode, meaning that I create a database based on IBM's Discussion: Notes & Web (8.5.2)  template unmodified.  I make no changes to the design at all.  An administrator without Designer could install and implement this solution. In keeping with this series, I am going to show the fixed version first, so those of you who already know what the current version is like can just see the first few slides.

Since my blog cuts the images off, click on any one to pop that image into its own window.

Figure 1: Document in CKEditor with three attached files (CoexEdit turned on). The (See attached file: 'try.odt') was added manually for now, but is automatic when the file is attached in Notes.

Figure 2: Document saved in CKEditor with three attached files (CoexEdit turned on).

Figure 3: Document edited in Notes has attachments replacing the "See attached..." text (CoexEdit turned on).

Figure 4: Document back in CKEditor with all three attachments (CoexEdit turned on).

Figure 5: Document in CKEditor with three attached files (no CoexEdit).

Figure 6: Document saved in CKEditor only has two attached files (no CoexEdit).

Figure 7: Document edited in Notes with only two attached files (no CoexEdit).

Figure 8: Document edited in Notes with all three manually attached files in place (no CoexEdit).

Figure 9: Document edited in CKEditor on web with all three attached files (no CoexEdit).

Figure 10: Document in Notes only has two attached files, but "See attached..." for three (no CoexEdit).

Figure 11: Document in CKEditor after edit/saves in both a few times with lots of "See attached..." (no CoexEdit).

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