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A book on LotusScript for ND8?

Sun 9 Jan 2011, 01:29 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I was surprised to see that a full length, comprehensive book on LotusScript was out, available since February 2009, actually.  By full length, I mean over 1000 pages on everything from beginning LotusScript to advanced, including coverage of composite applications.  How could I have missed such a thing?  Now, it is pricey, I'll grant you that, but the real issue is that I would have to brush up on my German significantly to read it.  Here is the entry, straight from the LS Sessions db page:

Das LotusScript-Entwicklerbuch für Notes/Domino 8: Von den Grundlagen bis zu Composite Applications [German]
Authors: Boerries Klatt
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Dieses Buch richtet sich sowohl an Einsteiger als auch an den erfahrenen LotusScript-Entwickler. Der Einsteiger wird zügig an die notwendigen Grundlagen herangeführt; der erfahrene Programmierer erhält Hinweise zu einer Fülle von Details, die in der Praxis bewältigt werden müssen. Es werden viele Hinweise und Hintergrundinformationen gegeben, die auf Fallstricke aufmerksam machen und das Verständnis für Zusammenhänge fördern.Dadurch, dass die ganze Palette der LotusScript-Sprachbefehle themenorientiert in ihrem Zusammenwirken besprochen wird, wird sehr deutlich herausgearbeitet, welche Hilfsmittel dem Entwickler für welche Arbeiten zur Verfügung stehen. 

If you know of any books in other languages on Lotus Software products, let me know, as I'd like my Virtual Bookstore to be as comprehensive as possible.

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What has been said:

951.1. David Leedy
(01/09/2011 06:49 PM)

Wow. Never heard of that. Is there no English version I wonder?

951.2. Patrick
(09/01/2011 21:37)

@David, not that I know at least ... which is a pity given my poor german level.

951.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/09/2011 10:15 PM)

@David - No, this appears to be one of several books written in German with no translations available.

@Patrick - There are some French books as well. Might be more to your liking.

951.4. Roy Rumaner
(01/09/2011 11:41 PM)

Why didn't IBM Press put this out in English? That is a huge mistake.

951.5. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/09/2011 11:49 PM)

IBM Press doesn't just "put something out". Somebody has to write it. If you would like to have the job, I'm sure they would listen. They are eager to put out stuff for Lotus Software (but the pay isn't great and the hours are long).

951.6. Roy Rumaner
(01/10/2011 03:08 AM)

I am very well versed in writing for little pay and will never do it again. I just figured that they would translate it and have someone check it for syntax and spelling. The code samples wouldn't even have to be modified.

951.7. Ulrich Krause
(10.01.2011 05:34)

All I can say is:

- Not much new about Notes 8 in the book

- The command reference is huge, but the Designer Help is better

- Composite Application is only in the title

My advice to those who want to learn LS. Learn how to use the Designer Help!

951.8. Ulrich Krause
(10.01.2011 17:41)

What I expect ( or would like to see ) in a LS book is not a language reference or code snippets. This is all in the help db. A good book needs to have examples that go beyond this. Show the readers real world solutions and explain why you use LS in this particular case and how the process of finding a solution worked. The example should of course cover many classes and methods of the LS instruction set.