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Mon 19 Oct 2015, 09:11 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I thought it might be useful to paraphrase a couple of the recent evaluation requests for Midas with the solutions provided. As new evaluation requests come in, I may post more of these. One thing I will try to highlight is when there are existing blog posts which address the problem.

Have your own questions? Feel free to fill out a Midas evaluation request and let us know what you would like to do.

Evaluation Request 1) Attachment icons
I am a software developer who came here through the following blog, , and am interested how it works and might help me in future. 

The blog post refers to attachment icons, and I mentioned in a comment that Midas allowed greater control over what they looked like. I was referring to a few different methods, but specifically the RefreshAttachmentIcon method which allows you to change how they look. See my blog post from 2007 called Midas 4.00: More control over file attachments and file icons to show how you can create traditional icons such as [Traditional vertical MS Word file icon] but also ones that take less vertical space, such as [New horizontal MS Word file icon] or with additional text such as  [Lotus Presentations file icon with copyright suffix]or [Horizontal MS Word file icon with author suffix]

Evaluation Request 2) Embedded images and more
We have several thousand documents with a rich text field that has pasted pictures in it. We are trying to export these pictures along with all the other content in the rich text field. The rich text field is currently getting exported as an HTML file... but the Pictures of course are not viewable in the html file.

This is a common request, and falls into that category where users ask for one thing but may actually need another. It is easy enough to export the images using the ExportGraphic method, as showing in my blog post from 2003 called 10 Ways to Use Midas - #7, but given that the user is also talking about extracting HTML and other content, it might be better for them to try the ExportToHTML method. Even better might be to use the Export to CSV sample database and get both HTML file (or MHTML with images embedded) and all the other fields, as shown in the short video, Midas For Non-Developers, Part 1: To CSV.

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