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CKEditor #2 - Use in Classic Domino web design

Thu 7 Jun 2018, 10:44 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
This is the second in a series of short posts on configuring CKEditor which is used by default in XPages for rich text fields. In this, I will show how CKEditor can be added to a Classic web application on Domino, and how  to make the same toolbar changes as I showed in the first article in the series
1) Add links to CKEditor in the HTMLHeadContent 
For reason that become clear laters, I create a computed field called HTMLBodyContent on a subform which has the rich textb field and CKEditor parts, and then include that field in the HTMLHeadContent section of the form which includes the subform.
Inline JPEG image
Inline JPEG image
2) Add code to activate CKEditor to the JS Header 
On the subform with the rich text field and HTMLBodyContent field, I add content to the JS Header section. The most important part is circled.
Inline JPEG image
3) See the results on the web using the default toolbar from config.js
This uses the default toolbar defined in the config.js file in the CKEditor directory on your server. (In another article, we will discuss how this can be replaced with a custom configuration.) I cut off the part of the toolbar for purpose of display on this blog.
Inline JPEG image
4) Modify JS Header to create a custom toolbar 
In the doLoadCKEditor function, add extra parameters as shown here. I set the skin to use and the toolbar, but other parameters can be set using this same format.
Inline JPEG image
5) See the results on the web using the custom toolbar
Always remember to clear the browser cache after each change, a otherwise you won't see the changes when you expect.
Inline JPEG image
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