Demo and Flow charts for CoexLinks Fidelity

CoexLinks Fidelity - High fidelity rendering for outbound, web and mobile email

CoexLinks Fidelity samples online in iNotes

Click on the link -> iNotes sample mail database <- to see how emails are displayed on the web using iNotes as rendered by Domino or by CoexLinks Fidelity. Outbound and mobile emails can best be experienced by filling out the form below.

CoexLinks Fidelity screenshot on mobile

With the large growing percentage of users who read mail on mobile phones and other devices, the importance of that mail looking professional also grows, especially for emails within your on company which users do not expect to be corrupted.

CoexLinks Fidelity flow diagrams

These show the flow of email within the Notes/Domino infrastructure, and the points at which that email is converted to MIME. Click on either flow diagram to see a larger version.