EntwicklerCamp 2008

Genii Software's 1st EntwicklerCamp Agenda Database for PDA Synching and Session Planning

Requested by those who have used our popular Lotusphere Sessions database, we have built a Journal database containing all the sessions listed on the official EntwicklerCamp site. This database is based on the personal ND6 Journal with a few added views, so it should synch with the Palm Pilot and other smart phones, but it also contains a wealth of useful information for planning out your schedule. Modify it all you want or make suggestions at for ways that we can make it more useful for you.

Version 1.0 - Created Feb. 17, 2008 11.55
Version 1.0a - Created Feb. 17, 2008 10.00
- Fixed time zones for CET


To keep up to date with changing information and features, you can replicate changes and Q&A from The Turtle Partnership using the Update Session Database from shared replicaaction in most views. If you have already downloaded the database in a previous version, you can just replicate the changes down instead of downloading a new version.