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Thu 1 Apr 2004, 08:15 PM
I'm back from a vacation in Washington, DC and a few blogs clearly haven't replicated, but I'll get that fixed tomorrow.  I was searching about a bit to see what I had missed and noticed this post  on the ND6 Gold forum. 
If I want to make the doc link an NDL, I need to do one of the following:

Write specific code to create the NDL and attach it to the mail message. This code needs to be written for each instance of a mailsend or @Mailsend (I use a lot of @Mailsend) with a doc link so if I have 30 or 40 templates sending mail in 5 or 10 different places each, I need to modify and validate (we're an FDA inspected shop) every changed instance of the code. Additionally, I have built in ad hoc 'notify somebody' code that handles the heavy lifting for the users and now they'll need to learn how to build NDLs on the fly.


Buy COEX, install it on the server, validate that it handles creation of doc links one time, and move on to more fun stuff.
As Doug points out, if you need to coexist between Notes/Domino apps with doclinks and an external mail system, you can either find and then replace every instance of @MailSend and doc.Send with an NDL attachment and validate every application again, (as well as train every user left in Notes mail to use NDL attachments instead of doclinks)... or you can buy COEX! Links and have it all just work.  Up to you, I guess.

Update Apr. 23, 2004 - After buying a COEX! Links license, Doug had this to say back in the Gold forum (see bottom paragraph).

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