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Mon 12 Apr 2004, 09:41 AM
upside inside out
she's living la Vida loca
she'll push and pull you down
she's living la Vida loca
her lips are devil red
and her skins the color mocha
she will wear you out
she's living la Vida loca
living la vida loca
I've been working for a while, on and off, on a Rich Text 101 article on layers, and somehow Ricky Martin's "Livin' la vida loca" just keeps running through my head.  Part of the problem is that layers on the web and layers in the Notes client are such different animals, despite the fact that the Notes client layers were modelled after the web layers.  To make it all even more confusing, we support automatic creation of layers in our Midas Rich Text LSX, but I don't ever assume people have that for the Rich Text 101 articles, and I can't figure out how you would get anywhere near as much use out of layers without an automatic way to create and modify them.  Sigh!  

I may have to write the RT101 article in an incomplete form and ask for input from you all.  Would that seem to violate the spirit of the series?  Should I wait untill it all makes sense (when I may be busy off skating with Satan)?

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