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Wed 12 May 2004, 09:40 PM
One of the pleasures in being in the software business comes when customers write and thank you.  As might be expected, most communications with customers are when there is a problem, so I really enjoy when a positive note comes through.  Of course, even when they do come, they tend to be short and sweet, such as this note from yesterday
I do appreciate the software.  It has been a great help in extracting data from Rich Text Fields.
or they tend to be in the midst of a request, such as 
Midas is responsible for the creation of the HTML, which has worked very well,...
with the implicit "but I still have a problem" left hanging there.
So, I was very surprised to receive the following note (edited to remove names), which I almost missed as I thought it was a spam.

I wanted to Thank You for your wonderful help. I am getting rave reviews for the tool you helped me get working. Thank you very much for your assistance.

I hope that some day you may have the pleasure of seeing these majestic Mountains in Italy. They remind me of the feeling I have when I call in for help at Geniisoft, it is always there and solid as a mountain.

Thanks Again, 

Wow!  I guess I know how movie stars feel.  Thanks, and we'll try to live up to your majestic expectations.

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