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Tue 8 Jun 2004, 02:19 PM
Had an interesting discussion in the BP forum about when tables and layout regions were added to Notes.  Some people thought in R4, but I knew it was at least R3, because I added the ability to sort tables in rich text in our @YourCommand Toolkit in R3 (and IBM still doesn't have that in either formula language or LotusScript in 6.5 or even in the ND7 beta - hah!) which was part of the first motivation for building Midas, and the first functionality I added to Midas back in 1996.  Layout regions seemed newer.  While out scouting for an answer (and proof I was right), I happened upon one of those gems which I am sure I have seen before, but had completely forgotten.  It is called The History of Notes and Domino, and it is a very entertaining read.  I missed the early years, but there is an interesting list which answers the question about tables, at least:

Release 2.0 included the following enhancements: 
  • C Applications Programming Interface (API) 
  • Column totals in views 
  • Tables and paragraph styles 
  • Rich text support 
  • Additional formula language @functions 
  • Address look-up in mail 
  • Multiple Name and Address books 
  • Return receipt for mail memos 
  • Forwarding documents via mail 
  • Larger databases and desktop files

So, they added the C API, rich text support, tables and paragraphs in Release 2.  Guess I didn't miss that much in the early days after all. LOL

By the way, the article doesn't mention layout regions, but they certainly weren't added until R4, from what the API shows.

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