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Wed 1 Sep 2004, 03:53 PM
Alan Bell just posted on his weblog about how he had taken the scatter graph idea and turned it into an on-line demo.  Only difference is, he forces the HTML to be generated rather than creating the layers and letting Domino generate the HTML.  It is a good solution for the web, but not as good for coexistence, which is more my fixation than his.

One nice touch that Alan added was a hotspot with a specific text value so that you could mouse over the dot and see a value.  I suggested to him that he should use the technique shown in Text popups on web and Notes client, but he says that the mouse over won't work if the value is only a space.  I believe that is what he found, but I still bet there is a way to make it work, so I'll give a couple things a try.  In the meantime, take a look at Alan's post and download his database if you want to try the technique yourself.

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