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Tue 26 Oct 2004, 11:12 PM
No, I am not talking about the US presidential candidates.  I'm talking about Spirit and Opportunity, the two Mars Rovers who just keep on keeping on, long past their presumed life span.  Read about their latest exploits and view the latest images from a world far, far away (and blessedly free of election controversies).

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Tue 26 Oct 2004, 10:08 AM
We are in the midst of rolling out the new on-line Midas Help database, but don't be surprised if it is a bit dodgy today, as we are making rapid changes and you may catch us in the middle of a replication.  Also, some of the information may not be updated completely for the @Midas Formulas and Midas Rich Text C++ API.  Still, if you don't mind the occasional gotcha, it is worth taking a look at, and I'd be happy to hear any suggestions or comments.  After the dust settles, we will have this available for download as well.

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