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Wed 10 Nov 2004, 10:39 PM
It is awe inspiring and sobering to get even a glimpse of the visitors to the Genii Software website and Genii weblog every day.  Just looking at the stats for yesterday, we had visitors from over  25 countries (listed below).  Some visitors work with large multi-national organizations, a number with universities in several countries, several from different government agencies in a variety of countries, and at least one visit from my daughter off in college.  The companies represent a wide range of industries from defense to telecommunications, from security to pharmeceuticals, from publishing to consulting, from electronics to law firms.

Welcome to all for whatever reason you have come to visit!  Please feel free to browse through the weblog, try out the on-line samples, or download the samples.  Note the tutorials and frequently visited topics on the right hand list.  Also, please feel free to visit our Support Forum and ask anything you like about our products, rich text or Lotus Notes in general.

Twenty five of the countries visiting yesterday
1.  United States
2.  Germany
3.  United Kingdom
4.  Australia
5.  The Netherlands
6.  Canada
7.  Sweden
8.  France
9.  Mexico
10.  Switzerland
11.  Italy
12.  Belgium
13.  Denmark
14.  South Africa
15.  Bermuda
16.  Norway
17.  Russia
18.  China
19.  Ireland
20.  Peru
21.  Austria
22.  Brazil
23.  Hong Kong S.A.R.
24.  India
25.  Philippines
and I notice several visitors today from countries that were not on this list from yesterday, including Japan, Costa Rica and Israel.

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