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Sun 8 May 2005, 05:39 PM
Things like my car and the other person's car... bump.  I am OK, she and her son are OK, my car is not so OK.  I was on my way out to get Chinese food from a local take-out place, and I waited for a green light at the intersection near here, then look left and right and left the way you are supposed to, but since she was way away from the intersection and traffic was moving from both sides along with me, I assumed she would stop.  Bad assumption.
The funny thing is, once I was sure I was OK and she was OK and her son was OK, and we waited for the police to arrive and found a good witness, etc., all I could think about was my Chinese food getting cold a couple of blocks away.  Finally, a friend my wife had called came by and pleasantly agreed to pick up the Chinese food for me.  He probably thought I was crazy, but you have to have priorities.
Now, if there had been a milkshake waiting, I might have said the heck with the police and left the scene and gotten it myself.  I guess I was lucky it was just fried rice and soup.

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