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Mon 9 May 2005, 11:11 PM
In order to lower the cost of entry for the Midas Rich Text C++ API, and in order to simplify ordering for bundled Midas products, we are eliminating the "Maintenance Fee" which was charged prior to this point for the Midas Rich Text C++ API.  This significantly reduces the entry level price for both client and servers, and unifies the pricing for all three Midas Rich Text products.  It also reduces the cost for bundles of the Midas Rich Text products. 

As an example, a customer who wanted the ability to create LotusScript agents with the Midas Rich Text LSX, but who also wanted to add in specialized menu add-ins using the Midas Rich Text C++ API would have had to pay $3500 US for just the Base Client Licenses up until now, but the price has now been lowered to $1500 US for the two products when purchased at the same time.  Our philosophy is that once a company understands the value of rich text access using the Midas model, it should not be a significant burden to use it in different languages and contexts.  If a company is shifting from LotusScript to Java, they should be able to quickly shift from using the Midas Rich Text LSX to @Midas Formulas.  If a company wants to convert an agent using the Midas Rich Text LSX to a C++ application for performance reasons, they should be able to move into the Midas Rich Text C++ API with almost no code changes and for a reasonable price.

Normally, bundled Midas products must be purchased together, but as a special offer for existing Midas customers, from today until June 10th, any existing Midas Rich Text LSX, Midas Rich Text C++ API or @Midas Formulas customer may purchase a matching license for either of the other two products for 50% of its current cost.  You could even buy both for the price of a single product, so if you currently have a Base Client License for the Midas Rich Text LSX, you could add on the @Midas Formulas for just $500 US.  If you have server licenses for the Midas Rich Text LSX and would like to run server add-in programs using the Midas functionality, you can add on a Midas Rich Text C++ API server license for just $1250 US for the first server and $750 US for each additional server.  

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