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Wed 11 May 2005, 11:23 PM
Genii Software is pleased to announce the release of CoexEdit 1.0, a new product from the makers of the Midas Rich Text LSX, created to enhance rich text editing coexistence between Notes and the web.

Shouldn't Notes icon play nicely with Internet Explorer icon Firefox icon Mozilla icon Netscape icon ?

CoexEdit lets people edit rich text from both a Notes client and a web browser without significant loss of formatting.  Images, attachments, tables and doclinks can all be added, deleted and modified cleanly from either your web editor or your Notes client.  You can even choose your own rich text web editor, using the one which best meets the needs of your organization.  Best of all, there are no agents or scripts or coding required for CoexEdit itself, and we can help you figure out how to easily integrate your chosen rich text web editor with Lotus Notes.

Read the 
press release or visit the CoexEdit page for more information, or just request a free evaluation license and get started today.

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