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Thu 16 Jun 2005, 12:00 PM
[Modified 8/17/05 to remove links to old pages which do not exist]

As I have mentioned here recently, I am looking at ways to make our product pages more useful, especially for the Solutions (CoexLinks and CoexEdit).  I was hoping that some of you who like to share your opinions could take a look and share your opinions on these new versus old pages.

CoexLinks - Old Page and New Page (old page and new page are now the same)
CoexEdit - Old Page and New Page (old page and new page are now the same)
Some questions to consider:
1) Does the page look better, worse or no better/no worse?
2) Is the information provided in the boxes clear in the new versions?
3) Would you know to click the screenshot to see more screenshots?  If not, how and where could I point that out?
4) Do the screenshot pages (if you do click on them) communicate anything?  (People seem to like screenshots, such as the Hannover ones, but they don't speak to me much)
Thank you so much in advance.  I would really appreciate any feedback, positive or negative.

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