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Tue 20 Sep 2005, 11:00 PM
If Wild Bill can make a Camtasia demo, so can I.  After all, I don't even have a dog to bark, so it probably wouldn't take more than 125 tries.  And I even have the software, gathering virtual dust on my hard drive.

So, what would you like to see in an on-line demo from here?  CoexEdit coexisting between Notes and the web?  CoexLinks converting links to customizable http URLs and NDL attachments?  A Midas show and tell?  Anybody have any ideas

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Tue 20 Sep 2005, 09:33 AM
No, for once I am not talking about Notes/Domino and its tendency to be #1 in its category (whichever one) and still attract abuse and criticism from the media.  Today, I am talking about the Chicago White Sox.  I am duty bound to hate and revile the White Sox almost as much as I hate and revile the Yankees (and for nostalgia's sake, the Atlanta Braves), but nonetheless...

Imagine having the best record in the American League, the second best in MLB, and still hearing constantly how lackluster and pathetic you are.  I didn't follow baseball much this year, but if Cleveland has almost made up a 15 game deficit since August 1 against Chicago, and they STILL have the best record in the American League, you have to be a but frightened about how good they were before August 1.

But does anybody care?  Nope.  "What have you done for us lately?", they ask.  Sure, I understand momentum and all that, but being on top of the heap should be more fun than that.  So, for a brief moment, I feel sorry for Chicago.  Then I think how much sorrier I plan on feeling for them after we take over first place, and I grin.

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