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Tue 27 Sep 2005, 04:20 PM
I noticed that the Midas documentation shows the FileCreated property and FileModified property, it does not explain how to use them with all the different time type variables available in LotusScript.  These are the created and modified time for an attachment or embedded object, and can be very useful to know, but only if you can figure outhow to use them.  So, here is a short snippet I will add to the Help database soon:

Option Public
Option Declare
Uselsx "*lsxrtc"    
Sub Initialize
   DimAs New NotesSession
   Dim doc As NotesDocument
   Dim ret As Variant
   Dim ntime As NotesDateTime
   Set doc = s.DocumentContext
   Dim rtitem As New GeniiRTItem
   Dim rtchunk As GeniiRTChunk
   Call rtitem.ConnectBackend(doc.Handle, "Body", True)
   Set rtchunk = rtitem.DefineChunk("File 1")
   Print "File Size is& Cstr(rtchunk.FileSize) & " bytes"
   Print "File Created: " & Cstr(rtchunk.FileCreated)
   Print "File Modified: " & Cstr(rtchunk.FileModified)
   Set ntime = New NotesDateTime("")
   ntime.LSLocalTime = rtchunk.FileModified
   doc.FileWasModified = rtchunk.FileModified
   Call doc.Save(True, False)
End Sub

I hope that helps.

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Tue 27 Sep 2005, 10:36 AM
It appears that, as in so many areas, we do not exactly follow the standard path with our maintenance agreement for CoexLinks and CoexEdit.  (There is no maintenance agreement currently available for our Midas Rich Text products) I thought it would be worth noting a few important points about how our agreement works:

What you get if you do purchase the maintenance agreement

1) The agreement covers support.  That means that if you have a support issue, we will assist you, whether by phone, e-mail or support forum, depending on what is appropriate and works for you.  It does not mean we will manage your servers for you, but it does mean we will provide reasonable help to get you working and keep you working.

2) The agreement also covers updates/upgrades.  This means that if we release a new version, you are free to upgrade to that version.  If this is a minor version (for example, 2.0a to 2.1 or to 2.5), your current license will work and you may simply download the software from our website.  If this is a major version (for example 2.x to 3.0 or 1.x to 2.0), you will need a new license file, which you may get upon request from Genii Software.  Your license will arrive more promptly if you include your original serial number along with your request.  There is a chance that we will change this procedure in the future so that minor versions will also require a license change.  If so, we will be sure to make that clear on our website.

What you DO NOT get if you DO NOT purchase the maintenance agreement

1) Without an agreement, there is no guarantee of support.  While we do not have a hard and fast cut off date, this generally means that if you have a problem after the first month or so, we will not be able to help you.  You are still free to read our support forum and provide your own self-help, but should not expect us to provide support otherwise if you have problems.

2) Without an agreement, you do not have a right to any updates/upgrades.  This means that if we release a new version, you do not have the right to use it.  The only exception is a quickfix version, which is denoted by a letter after the version.  Thus, if you purchase 2.0a and we release 2.0b, you may download and use that.  You may not use 2.1 or 3.0 without buying a completely new license.  There is no discount for upgrading if you do not have a maintenance agreement.

What if you "change your mind" and decide to get an agreement later

Genii Software has a generous maintenance agreement, but it requires that you start from the beginning.  We will usually allow you to decide to get a maintenance agreement within thirty (30) days of the original purchase, but reserve the right to refuse any request unless if is part of the original order.  After that point, you would need to buy a completely new license to get support or upgrades.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you purchase an agreement and keep it up to date.

I am sure there is more I should cover, and I will try to get this formalized into a maintenance FAQ, but I thought that I should at least explain these points a bit now.  Please feel free to contact me either through responses or via normal support channels to ask additional questions.

Copyright 2005 Genii Software Ltd.