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Mon 31 Oct 2005, 05:41 PM
Fortunately, it is only to go Trick or Treating.

Update: Phew, lots of candy and lots of scary monsters and beautiful princesses later.  My son only seemed to know three phrases, "Happy Halloween!", "Thank you!", and "Die, human scum, die!".  Fortunately, the first two were directed at the houses we visited, and the third seems to have been reserved for me.

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Mon 31 Oct 2005, 11:37 AM
I'll admit it, I have gone out of my way to avoid using JavaScript.  It just never seemed necessary when working with Notes/Domino, and it doesn't work well in the Notes Client, and, well, I just didn't really want to learn something new.  The times I have needed JavaScript, I have just reached out to the many smart people in Penumbra who know JavaScript and all sorts of wonders, so I didn't have to.

But working with these web based editors and 
CoexEdit has impressed me quite a bit.  You can do some pretty slick stuff with JavaScript (or JScript or ECMAScript or whatever the heck it is really).  I have had to actually dive into the inner workings of FCKEditor to add some new features I wanted to extend CoexEdit compatibility with Notes (adding local images and file attachments and doclinks from the web), and, with assistance, these are all working pretty well.  And, while I am hardly a JavaScript expert, I will start to count this as a language I am willing to learn to work with, rather than a language (such as Cobol) that I am unwilling to learn.  One baby step for most people, perhaps but one giant leap for me.

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