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Thu 10 Nov 2005, 11:41 AM
A few people have asked for a simple table describing the changes between Version 2.0 of CoexLinks and the recently released Version 2.5. Here are the highlights.  Note that while there are a couple of important changes, this release is primarily a stability and scalability release, while Version 3.0, which is due out by January, is planned to be our next major feature release.

Scalability Enhancements
• Removed requirement for temporary files when adding NDL attachments, thus both improving performance and removing an issue for customers with temp directories which had write rights but no delete rights.  This change alone improves performance by as much as 20%.
• Added COEXSkipNoLinksItem flag (set to 1 to turn on) which enables processing only for documents with $Links item.  Only advisable for some customers, as no $Links item is present for doclinks created through agents and other programmatic needs.

Functionality Enhancements
• Added COEXExcludeHintServer which allows doclinks with specific named servers to be ignored completely.  This allows doclinks created in Response documents which point back to the Mail database, and are therefore useless for most customers, to be ignored.  The variable COEXExcludedLinkText is used as replacement text for the link if desired.  The variable COEXIncludeReplicaID is used to override the exclusion for a specific database. 

Important Bug Fixes
• Added event handler to handle some more obscure mail messages that were missed in earlier versions of CoexLinks.
• Fixed problem with link hotspots where text was not being preserved if doclink text was specified.
• Fixed problem with doclinks created on R4 clients that caused system instability.
• Fixed problem with memory leak which caused system degradation over time.
• Fixed problem with multi-byte character sets in doclink popup text that caused crashes.
• Added defensive coding to handle several more common doclink corruptions (not caused by CoexLinks, but rather by Notes itself) to prevent crashes.
• Fixed buffer overflow problem that could have led to a security issue.

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