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Mon 20 Feb 2006, 03:41 AM
Kassel, Germany - I'm sitting in my room, walking through the presentations I will be giving today at the EntwicklerCamp 2006 (Entwickler=Developer in German).  I feel a lot more comfortable than I did last year after my laptop was stolen and I was scrambling like crazy to get demos together again that I did not have in one place, all on a German laptop which was very hard to navigate.  My presentations are safely together, both on my laptop and my USB card (avoiding the mistake of only having them one place the way I did last year).

I really like these two presentations, which I have never given elsewhere.  One is brand new, called Integrating WYSIWYG web editors with Notes/Domino, and offers both an explanation of how to use an editor inside of Domino and a customized version of one of the editors to handle local images, attachments and doclinks from the web.  For those familiar with our CoexEdit product, this is the demo of how to NOT use the product and still get a fair amount of the power.  Of course, it does not allow editing from Notes, which is where CoexEdit fills in the gaps, so I will show that briefly as well.

The other presentation is more eclectic, but also quite useful.  This is called Pushing the Limits - API integration with Notes applications, and is focused on how to extend Notes beyond its limits by building API extensions of various descriptions.  I gave this last year at the EntwicklerCamp 2005, but in an abbreviated form due to the stolen laptop.  This time, I include some code for the attendees, but I also try to open some minds by describing what could be.  

It is always interesting to present such material to a German audience, because it is much harder to read the faces of the audience.  For most of these folks, this is less entertainment and more serious endeavor.  That means it is less rowdy than a Lotusphere presentation, but the people involved are considerably more likely to take back what you show them and use it, so the emphasis is more on solid, useful content.  That is partly why I have chosen not to present at Lotusphere for the past two years, but have presented here.

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