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Mon 1 May 2006, 05:20 PM
Mark Ramos of Granite Software pointed out to me that Lotus Advisor has profiled a case study with Interbake Foods using CoexLinks.  (Granite sells CoexLinks for us as well as providing support, so it is identified as "Granite Software CoexLinks", but it is the same product.):
The selection and execution of Granite Software’s CoexLinks went without a hitch. Interbake Foods chose CoexLinks because out-of-the-box it converts document links into a standard file attachment that is accepted by virtually all clients. "CoexLinks offered flexibility, reliability, and scalability and we were able to install the software in minutes," stated Samuels. "Our administrators installed and configured CoexLinks quickly and without the headache of scripting or design." Installation took less than an hour: The Domino administrator placed the CoexLinks dll onto the Domino server, added a few lines into the notes.ini, and restarted the server. After restarting the server, doclinks are automatically converted into industry-standard file attachments.
Head on over to Lotus Advisor and read the whole article.  It does a pretty good job of describing the business reasons why CoexLinks has been such a success.

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