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Mon 5 Jun 2006, 02:14 PM
CoexLinks 2.7 is out and available on our website.  Actually, it has been out for a short while already, but we decided not to make a big announcement until we had the results of some early adopters.  The success of this version has been universal.  Not only does it  eliminate some infrequent, but very annoying, crashes at certain customer sites, it also adds some additional flexibility to the filtering options added in 2.5.  It is now possible to limit doclink conversions to certain databases, such as for those working with the Microsoft Exchange Connector, which allows greater control in an environment where some users are still using Lotus Notes mail and others are using Microsoft Outlook mail.  The ability to control which doclinks are processed has been enhanced due to customer feedback about the very popular options added in Version 2.5,  Finally, the ability to selectively generate URL links for some doclinks while creating NDL attachments has been enhanced to aid the increasing number of customers who use want to wen enable some databases while continuing Notes client support for other databases.

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