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Sun 13 Aug 2006, 11:16 PM
You might have noticed it has been a bit quiet recently.  I have been on vacation, only blogging a bit to calm down a certain prince who managed to spill orange juice on a certain princess' laptop... just before she goes on her study abroad semester.  Much fun was had by all, but things are settled down now.  In any case, I feel rested and ready to get back to work.  I'm hoping to start a series of Questions and Answers on CoexLinks, which has proven to be even more versatile than I expected with some recent, creative customers.  I'll also be blogging more about Open Document Format (ODF), which I think has the potential to be a "big thing".  Things may be a bit quiet about CoexEdit for a few weeks, as we are preparing for new announcements, but more will be coming soon.

Good to be back, even though it was (I admit) good to be gone as well.

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