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August, 2006
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Wed 16 Aug 2006, 01:55 PM
Well, it had to happen, I guess.  After speaking for years at Lotusphere, at several conferences in Germany and the U.K., and even in Chicago, I am finally giving a talk right here in Ohio at the Northeast Ohio Lotus Users Group (NEOLUG).  I am talking about rich text (as if I ever stop talking about rich text), and specifically Rich Text Tips, Tricks and Techniques.  It is a condensed, updated and generalized version of a talk by that name I gave in London a few years ago, and at Lotusphere the year after that.  I'm looking forward to the talk, but also the chance to put a few names with faces, as I know some of the people coming only through the forums, even though they are right in my back yard.

I'll post the session and demo databases after the talk is over.  Stay tuned for a location.

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