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Fri 6 Oct 2006, 03:34 PM
For those programmers out there, Google has added a pretty cool search page for open source source code.  I can see how this would make looking for code samples really fast and easy.  I especially like that you can specify programming language, as it is most annoying to look for a sample in C++ and kear running into samples in Java or Perl.

Google Code Search page

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Fri 6 Oct 2006, 09:56 AM
I was reading the responses to a post titled "IM, what is it good for? on Om Malik's blog about shutting down instant messaging to get work done, and asking people how they manage presence without inviting interruption.  One comment by Imran Ali struck me:
There’s some work to be done by IM operators here too- upgrades tend to give us more smileys and other facile features when many of us actually need more sophisticated presence tools.

How about, mechanisms that expose presence to different people in different ways? For example, between 8am and 6pm, I want to be ‘invisible’ to my friends and family; at weekends, I wanna be invisible to coworkers etc.

Our buddy lists are sparawling social networks and yet the tools offered to manage them are crude and autistic. I beleve it’s an area ripe for innovation :)
I personally don't use instant messaging much, but it is clear that IBM has spent a lot of time dealing with instant messaging as it relates to business.  So, the question is, how does SameTime facilitate this sort of "intelligent" presence awareness?  What other features does it have that help make instant messaging more compatible with a workplace use?

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