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Mon 11 Dec 2006, 11:28 PM
Welcome to African Proverb week.  My 16 year old was assigned an essay in which he was supposed to find an African Proverb and relate it to his life.  He claimed that it was impossible that an African Proverb could describe his life, but having read many in an entertaining quest to prove him wrong, I am inspired to use some of my favorites for posts this week.  Sadly, today's is appropriate but personal, rather than business related...

Whether the knife falls on the melon or the melon on the knife, the melon suffers.

This requires a key to understand completely.

knife = side of our brick house
melon = wife's Honda Odyssey
falls = scrapes

There are limits to the specificity of some proverbs, but let us just say that not just the melon suffers.


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Mon 11 Dec 2006, 02:32 PM
No, I don't have a product, nor can I wave a magic wand.  I am just dreaming, trying to imagine the differences in e-mail today if the vast tidal wave which SPAM has become were to disappear.  I think I'll just sit here for a moment and enjoy the peacefulness and productivity.


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