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Mon 2 Jul 2007, 09:15 PM
Another feature I think people will like in CoexEdit 2.0 is the ability to copy all the resource design elements to a database instantly.  Basically, there is a magic profile document, and if CoexEdit sees it set in a database, and if the CoexEditAutoUpdateDB parameter is set in the NOTES.INI on the server, all appropriately marked design elements from the resource database will be copied to the target database.  This will eliminate the problems with developers not realizing that a particular element is needed.  It will also allow a company to update a number of databases at one time.  Additional features are in CoexEdit 2.0, and in future releases, to automate even more of the process of converting a database to use CoexEdit.  The goal of all these changes is to make it as simple, fast and reliable as possible to enable web/Notes coexistence in your database.

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