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Fri 5 Oct 2007, 05:57 PM
I know I am a bit of a nut about HTML rendering, but look at the image below:

Table rendered in Notes 8Table rendered in Notes 8

Here is the same table rendered by our Midas Rich Text LSX 4.00

Rendered by Midas Rich Text LSX

They look pretty similar, right?  I first created this sample was back in Notes 6.x days.  I don't even have a Notes 6.x version on this machine, but I do have Domino 6.5.3.  Here is how that same table renders in Domino 6.5.3 (and how it rendered in Domino 6.0.0, for that matter):

Rendered by Domino 6.5.3
So here is the kicker.  Here is how the same table renders in Domino 8.0.0:

Table rendered in Domino 8

Um, progress, right?

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