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Thu 18 Oct 2007, 05:13 PM
It seems a common theme that IBM, Microsoft or another large software vendor releases some interesting piece of software, then acts completely nonplussed when developers object that the software takes 16 hours and two PhDs to install, if you can find the install instructions and if they are not in Chinese.  I have never understood why somebody doesn't think this is an objection to releasing the software in the first place, rather than scrambling (or often not scrambling) to fix the install woes after the facts.

But it would not be fair to object without subjecting my own products to the test.  So, for the first of a series of 
Two Minute Demos I am producing, I present CoexLinks: Working doclinks in Outlook in two minutes.  Please note that CoexLinks is corporate class software used on servers in many of the largest companies in the world.  Also, please note that I don't really expect you to install CoexLinks in two minutes.  Our customers tend to suggest that ten minutes is closer to the norm, but I wanted to show that this was merely due to a learning curve.  I'd love to hear any feedback or questions, either about the demo or CoexLinks.

P.S.  The demo is a flash demo, but if you prefer a smaller Windows media play file, it is 

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