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Tue 6 Nov 2007, 11:18 PM
Version 4.00 of the Midas Rich Text LSX and Midas Rich Text C++ API has several major themes, one of which is better control of file attachments.  In addition to some new methods, such as the RenameAttachment method and the RefreshAttachmentIcon method, there is a new file icon rendering technology which is available with both of those new methods and with existing  methods such as the AppendFileAttachment method.  This file icon rendering allows the developer greater control over how the file icon, or graphic, appears in the text.  For example, a traditional MS Word attachment would add a wide gap in the text, looking like this[Traditional vertical MS Word file icon], but with the new file icon rendering, the same file could fit better inline as [New horizontal MS Word file icon].  In addition, the new file icon rendering technology allows you to add prefix text or suffix text, either to a traditional vertical file attachment.  For example, a Lotus Presentations file icon would normally look like this[Traditional Lotus Presentations (.odp) file icon], but could have a copyright suffix, for example, such as [Lotus Presentations file icon with copyright suffix] or could have an author prefix, such as [Lotus Presentations file icon with author prefix], both of which give greater control and additional information.  Information can be prefixed or suffixed with horizontal file icons as well, for example an author prefix (although any text is allowed) would look like [Horizontal MS Word file icon with author suffix].  Please note, the light grey background is added with horizontal icons to make it clearer that they are one clickable item, but the color could be changed, or even added to just the prefix or suffix text.  For example, it is possible that a mail system could warn users about potential hazards by recreating the file icon for an executable to include a warning and a specialized icon.  For example, might your users show a bit more hesitation before clicking [Custom executable file icon with red caution suffix] rather than the appealing looking [Traditional executable file icon]?  Please note, by the way, that these are real changes to the rich text, not just the HTML rendering, although the HTML rendering would display the same look.

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