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Fri 11 Jan 2008, 07:57 PM
Lotusphere 2008 banner
Four days after we hit 2500, and there have now been over 4000 downloads of our Lotusphere 2008 Sessions db so far, along with a whole pile of replications.And that does even count the 600 or so Blackberry version downloads that The Turtle Partnership have created (download/update from  Incidentally, the Turtles also added an Ask a Question feature from the Blackberry.  Read about it on Gabriella Davis' Blackberry Sessions DB - New Submit Feedback Features.

Update: Gab reports over 700 Blackberry updates as of this morning

By the way, Scott Good of Teamwork Solutions has sent me a variation on the database he has been working on.  I'm eager to look at it this weekend and see if I can roll out a "prettified" sessions database for Version 3.0.  Thanks, Scott!

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