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Mon 25 Aug 2008, 11:20 PM
I am starting to understand that some of my readers will only hear a snake oil saleswoman, or will shout angry talking points about... actually, I'm not yet sure about what.  I hope that I remain open minded when I hear Cindy McCain or whomever the Republicans have at their convention, as I would hate to slide into the knee jerk divisions that seem to haunt America today.  So, acknowledging that it is only my perspective, and that perhaps I am being duped by a nefarious, slick and evil woman disguised as a loving, intelligent wife and mother (who happens to be brilliant and successful and dedicated in her own right), I thought Michelle Obama was absolutely amazing in her convention speech last night.  There is no doubt that her daughters have two rhetorical masters as parents, but they also have decent, loving, well-meaning parents.  It is also wonderful that two people can bring themselves up from humble beginnings to reach for the American dream... and pause in that journey to choose public service over private gain.  It was a phenomenal speech given by an amazing woman.  Thank you, Michelle Obama.

Note: while I never remove comments from posts regarding business, I reserve the right to remove comments that do little more than spew venom.  Decide I am a shill or dupe or fraud... whatever.  This especially goes for those comment trolls who persist in altering names (e.g., McShame or Obama bin Lying)

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