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Wed 4 Feb 2009, 11:18 PM
As might be expected, some iFidelity beta testers are suffering early beta blues, but for the most part, the issues have to do with getting the MIME itemization and serialization right, and not the actual rendering.  

David Bailey is having a few different problems which appear to be due to iFidelity reconverting an already converted document (we have a fix for that, but it needs testing).  

Gabriella Davis reports that attachments are being stripped out of some outgoing emails (maybe all, maybe not).  This is a known issue that will be fixed very shortly, and has to do with Notes/Domino's use of direct rather than encoded attachments.

Peter von Stöckel has continued his testing, and while he is having some issues internally with images disappearing (due to some emails getting converted that shouldn't be - a problem we are working on now), his external bound message testing is going very well.  In iFidelity - Test 2, Peter tests another table with more fonts, colors, specialized borders, etc.  iFidelity passed that with flying colors.  Then, in iFidelity - Test 3, Peter tests a common issue, that of Swedish characters.  Again, the test works perfectly.

In short, iFidelity is dong fairly well at its core purpose, sending high fidelity emails out from Lotus Notes, with some known issues remaining, but is still not fully baked with emails routing around inside Notes.  Not bad for a first beta, but not great either.

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Wed 4 Feb 2009, 09:48 AM
If only it weren't falling on top of the foot and a half or so of packed snow that we already have on the ground.  The following picture is NOT one I took, but I figure it gives a good idea of what it feels like around here right now:

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