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Mon 17 Aug 2009, 11:48 AM
As described in the idea below, I added some features to the Lotusphere Sessions database to make it possible to ask and answer questions before, during and after a session, basically to promote more of a dialogue between the presenters and audience.  While this was used, it was not used extensively.  As we look forward to Lotusphere 2010, should I promote this idea more, work on it harder, change it somehow or abandon it?  Do speakers like the idea of feedback prior to the session (to allow people to say what they hope to hear about)?  Do attendees like the idea of a more on-going dialogue?  Does anybody have ideas on how to make this dialogue more effective (perhaps using a second database with a modified discussion database or something even more creative)?

By the way, feel free to vote on the idea or leave comments there, but just voting won't help a lot.  I need ideas and feedback in order to make the Lotusphere Sessions db everything YOU could hope it would be.

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