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Thu 4 Nov 2010, 10:02 AM
Yesterday I asked whether we still needed a downloadable Lotusphere Sessions db (for the eleventh year in a row).  As I guessed, the response via both twitter and the blog has been unanimous.  People want it, and some have even offered to contribute (although I don't think I'll go that route-any issues I have are not about the financial cost associated, but rather the time when I could be writing about space ships or trolls).

For all those who answered that you would like to see the sessions database, and that it still provides value, and for all those who nodded silently but didn't bother to chime, is there anything we could do to provide higher value?  Since the nuisance is usually in the preliminary data gathering and consolidation, adding either features or additional data is often not too difficult.

Would you like any automated gizmos to tweet your location (or update facebook or whatever your social networking vice-of-choice might be)?  This might be handy for business link-ups or nasty, immoral, illicit liasons, or just so you don't have to sit alone at lunch.

Would you like to see links to previous sessions posted by that speaker from earlier sessions databases?  Or in any way use information from the past ten databases that might help people?

Would you like to see a virtual product showcase of some sort?

Would you like a way to take pictures of people, tag them and send a link (from Flickr or wherever) to the sessions database so that photos of that person from Lotusphere would be accessible from the People view?

Any other ideas?

Granted, many of these would take some coding, but that is also where others can help.  If somebody adds a widget/button/whatever to tweet/facebook/whatever stuff, I'd be happy to add it in.  So, either chime in with your ideas or simply code something and share it with me.  If we are going to make this database again, we can make it ever more ours.

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