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Mon 2 May 2011, 11:12 AM
I am not usually a big fan of pre-ordering, but there are times I make an exception. Mobile development is clearly in my future, so I have been looking at the various options for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone development. There are some excellent options out there, but I happened to see two new entries in the Head First series, which is a favorite of mine. Each is discounted at least 40% right now, and both are shipping in early July.

So, sighing reluctantly at the idea of putting out money ahead of time, but thrilled at the thought of getting two new Head First books one exactly the topic I am learning about, I put in my order.  Now, I guess I just have to wait patiently. (Man, am I bad at that part.)

Whether you're a seasoned iPhone developer who wants to jump into the the Android Market, or someone with previous programming skills but no mobile apps in your resume, this book offers a complete learning experience for creating eye-catching, top-selling Android applications. Head First Android Development

Whether you're a seasoned Mac developer who wants to jump into the App store, or someone with strong object-oriented programming skills but no Mac experience, this book is a complete learning experience for creating eye-catching, top-selling iPhone and iPad applications.
Head First iPhone and iPad Development: A Learner's Guide to Creating Objective-C Applications for the iPhone and iPad

Pre-order now:   U.S.  CA  U.K.  DE
Pre-order now:   U.S.  CA  U.K.  DE

I guess that means I have to get serious and get out to buy my smart phones. (They're a business expense, honey, really they are.) 

It comes as relatively little surprise, by the way, that there is not a Head First BlackBerry development guide. R.I.M. needs to work its ass off if it doesn't want to be R.I.P.

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