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Thu 22 Dec 2011, 09:21 AM
As we did last year, there will be a bookstore integrated into the Lotusphere Sessions database as additional resources. In addition to the links to order books you want shipped to your home, there will be links where you can purchase eBooks. We don't sell the books, simply pass you through to somebody who does.

Authors: If you have a book you would like to be added, drop me a line or comment here with the name of the book. If you are doing a book signing, let me know that as I am incorporating it into the Sessions db (hat tip to Keith Brooks for the idea). Even if you have written books or eBooks that are NOT related to technology, let me know as there will be a "Fun" section in the bookstore.

Speakers: If there are books you know that might relate to your topic, whether or not written by Lotusphere people, please let me know.

Attendees: If you know of a great technology or business book that would be good to share, let me know that as well. Let's crowdsource the recommendations, folks.

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