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Wed 13 Mar 2013, 12:38 PM
For those not familiar, Gimp is a free open source alternative to Photoshop, and it seems to get more powerful by the day with extensions such as the terrific (and also free) G'MIC filters. Since I have been working on videos for demos anyway, I put out one Gimp 2.8 demo a short while ago, and put out another a few minutes ago.
First tutorial:
Second tutorial:

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Wed 13 Mar 2013, 09:49 AM
I got permission from the customer to post this, so long as I didn't use names. On a conference call regarding CoexLinks, the subject came up of the security warning that Outlook shows if you send a doclink and it converts to a Notes URL the way Domino does it. Look at the screenshot below, which is the example I used. We are all looking at the image and talking about it when the junior guy pops up with, "It's no problem. We can just train people to click on Yes, and it works fine."

There was a pause. I could have jumped in, but I thought it might come better from his boss, who said with a note of incredulity, "We should train users to ignore security warnings when they click on unknown links?"

I would have given anything to see the look on the first guy's face when he realized what he was suggesting. Needless to say, when they saw that they could use NDL files with  CoexLinks and still get hot links in the body of the message, but ones that didn't trigger a warning, they decided to go ahead with the purchase. Incidentally, you can disable these warnings through a registry setting, but it disables all security warnings on links, and the customer wasn't going there either for the same reason. The protocol specific setting that Microsoft talks about is not reliable, and the general override is too broad.

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