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Tue 19 Mar 2013, 04:16 PM
In keeping with these new mini-demos, I made one about the Progressive Disclosure technique I sometimes use. You may have even seen me show this at Entwickler Camp a few years back. This uses no LotusScript or formula language, so anybody can do it without even a Designer client. It can be put in a rich text field or on a form or page (though those latter would need Designer).
Let me know if you enjoy this sort of mini-demo. If people like them, I can start doing them on XPage topics and other more recent items of interest, such as new features in Notes 9.

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Tue 19 Mar 2013, 12:47 PM
As I mentioned, I am trying out a new style of very quick demo so that you can get a feel for a feature without spending a lot of time. Like most of these, the feature is available as a downloadable sample, but this shows how it works in two minutes so you can decide whether it is worth pursuing. If this is interesting to you, take a look at our Midas Rich Text LSX page and request an evaluation license.

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Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:32 AM
I am practicing the elevator pitch demos I mentioned yesterday with a couple more on Gimp 2.8, but I hope to have my first one for Midas out a little later, and possibly also my first on a general Lotus Notes/Domino topic. I might start by doing a few rich text topics like my old Rich Text 101, or possibly something with XPages that can be shown in a minute or two. The idea is to make a specific feature or topic accessible... not to cover it in depth.
Having said that, here are the two additional demos I did while practicing. One is a simple demo of the regular Clone tool in Gimp 2.8, used to copy from one image to another selectively. The other is a follow-up on the Perspective Clone demo that shows a more complex perspective and how to "fix" overwritten areas without undoing the whole clone. Both are on my Youtube channel.

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