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Wed 5 Jun 2013, 09:56 AM
I realized that an inherent issue with video tutorials on Notes/Domino and other topics is accessibility. There are people who don't hear well, people who don't understand me easily, and people who don't speak English well enough to understand what I am saying while also trying to follow the logic of my fast-paced tutorials.
With this in mind, I am adding closed captions to the videos. I have already added them to a couple, most notably my popular Hide Your Unmentionables: Domino's Internet Site Rules. While the closed captions are in English, the CC Translate works fairly well if it is given clear captions and not the hideous auto captions. (If anybody is motivated to use these as a resource for training or anything else and would like to translate to German or whatever, let me know. It is simple to add a specific language and I can supply the transcript with timing and everything.)
Anyway, give the video a try with Closed Captions turned on, either in English or translated to your language, and let me know what you think. It takes a bit more work to add these, but seems a reasonable thing for the sake of accessibility. Also, watch it in HD, just because.

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