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Wed 6 Nov 2013, 01:40 PM
It's been a while since I posted a Gimp 2,8 tutorial. As it happens, over on Google+ the Artistic Google theme is Monochrome/Selective Color. I thought it might be handy to do a short tutorial on making selective color images. See two whimsical examples below the video if you aren't sure what I mean.
These are very easy to make (assuming you have a good image to start with), but not everybody has the time to play around and figure out how. his uses Gimp 2.8, a free open source alternative to Photoshop that I like very much. More specific details, a couple more of my examples and a transcript are available at with all my other tutorials and demos on Gimp and other topics.
Note: Accurate closed captions have been provided, and if English is not your first language, you might want to turn on the auto-translate. I also advise turning on HD and watching full screen so the captions show under the video. All videos ad-free.
Inline JPEG image
Inline JPEG image

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