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Mon 27 Jul 2015, 01:28 PM
AppsFidelity Render is the second part of our AppsFidelity product bundle, and will be part of that license. In other words, if you buy AppsFidelity, you get both the Edit and Render (and soon the Export), but can choose to use one or the other or both. The prices are not going up, at least for now. 
We are working on getting this out the door very soon, but I wanted to describe the URL syntax we are supporting. It is important to note that for security reasons, this is intentionally not forgiving.. Any deviation from the rules will simply be thrown into the normal URL processing (and therefore generally raise a standard error). Our primary goal is making sure that no abuse or security breach can happen through this code. No database will be accessible unless it is explicitly opened up for this use, and there will be other ways of locking down the use aside from the Database level (and normal Notes access rights, of course).
Simply put, the URL syntax will be as follows  (subject to change prior to release or addition after release):
to be added in a subsequent release)
Example 1) Renders the Body field of the specified document as HTML:
Example 2) Renders the Description field of the specified document as HTML:
Example 3) Renders the Description field of the specified document as an EPUB file named results.epub:
Example 4) Renders only the first table from the Body field of the specified document as an MHT (Web archive format) file named First Task.mht:
Example 5) Renders the entire specified document with its form as HTML:
Example 6) Renders the entire specified document with its form as an EPUB file named Download.epub:

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