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Wed 8 Nov 2017, 09:54 PM
With all the talk, whether optimistic, pessimistic or snarky, about Notes/Domino 10, one thing I haven't heard much is what people wish would be in there. Yes, it will be a new version. Yes, it will be a strong affirmation to those companies still using Notes/Domino that product support will be around for the foreseeable future.

But what do you actually want the version to look like? Do you care about a Notes client, or are you only focused on Domino? Do you want as little change as necessary, or as much as possible?

Personally, I like the Notes client and think it offers a lot of value, though I wish I could dump Eclipse and still get Domino Designer. I also like the Domino server, though I find XPages tedious. I'd like to see enhancements to use Domino as a web platform aside from XPages. Not necessarily classic Domino web design, but ways to blend backend Domino with front end frameworks.

My wishes tend to be related to extensibility, partly because I like to sell extensions,. and partly because building an ecosystem is the key to building a stronger product. Neither IBM nor HCL will be able to meet everybody's needs, so we need entry points and events and components where we can plug in value. I want those for Domino, for Notes, for XPages, for everything. I wish for some JSON support inside the product. Also, my pet peeve is that I'd really like proper support for PNGs in Notes. Rich text supports them. Why the hell can't you import them manually? Grr. (Yes, you can import them with Midas, but really?)

Anyway, what are your wishes?

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