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Tue 4 Jun 2019, 11:34 AM
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Twenty-two years ago, I quit my stable job at a prestigious international law firm, leaving behind my reliable salary and excellent benefits to try to make it on my own. My wife and three young kids depended on me, so it was scary, but I'd just recently released my quirky new software product and hoped it would exceed the success of my earlier Notes product, the @YourCommand toolkit, which had brought in a nice supplemental income but not enough to pay the mortgage and feed the hungry mouths.
That quirky new software was the Midas Rich Text LSX. Those were heady days in the Lotus Notes world with Version 4 flying high and its exciting addition of LotusScript making Notes developers and customers drool with excitement. (Didn't take much in those days.) Having extended formula language with my first product, it seemed a natural to extend this new scripting language, but I had no idea whether companies really wanted to make rich text jump through hoops.
I guess they did. 
I was thinking about this as I received a new order today for Midas, now called the Midas LSX as it does more than just rich text tricks. I also sent off a half dozen invoices for Midas maintenance contracts and agreed to a large proposed Midas trial at another company. I have other products as well, even one that has made more money (looking at you, CoexLinks Fidelity), but the incredible longevity of the Midas LSX still astonishes me, and the range of products that have spun off Midas already (both custom and public) is inspiring.
So, I guess they still do.
Thank you all, and don't count Midas out for some major surprises in the near future, including some with a very modern Notes/Domino 11 twist.

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