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Mon 16 Sep 2019, 03:22 PM
As folks like Mat Newman run around the globe signing up some new Notes/Domino customers and reinstating others, there is a recognition that Notes/Domino still has a lot to offer. While the promise of new features may encourage some, many simply want the same stability, reliability, and ease-of-development that we have all known for years (er, decades).
But while consistency is good in some areas, there are other areas that are consistent in unfortunate ways. One of those is mail rendering. Too often, people send off emails not realizing that they will arrive looking far different and sometimes containing less information that intended.
Here's an example from Singapore (okay, the original customer was from that region, but the identifying information has been altered). This was a real problem for a customer, which you could blame on the cringeworthy decision to use gradients except that many more people do than you might hope.
In Notes V11 Beta 1 (though it looks identical in earlier versions because rich text is nice like that):
Inline JPEG image
Sent to Gmail using the Notes 11 client (set to send as MIME):
Inline JPEG image
Sent to Gmail using the Notes 11 client (using CoexLinks Fidelity):
Inline JPEG image
Let me assure you, this is not a Notes 11 Beta problem, or at least no more than previous versions. I went back and testing to ND7...
Inline JPEG image
Amazing consistency. I checked these versions with CoexLinks Fidelity as well.
Inline JPEG image
I guess the message is, there are tons of great reasons to use Notes/Domino even in 2019, but don't expect everything to have improved. For that, you might need to call an ISV and make the great in Domino even greater.
Additional note:
In case you happen to know (someone always seems to) that Outlook 365 does not support gradients, this is how the CoexLinks Fidelity email looks in Outlook 365. Note that we degrade to the higher contrast color so that you will not miss any information.
Inline JPEG image

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