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Wed 3 Mar 2021, 10:57 PM
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Barely a week goes by when I don't hear the question "But can you take my Notes data and move it into <Shiny New Thing>?" Sometimes, the question goes the other way around. Either way, the answer is almost certainly yes. When it comes right down to it, one of the things we excel at is moving data around.  Chances are even good we can move from <Shiny New Thing One> to <Even Shinier New Thing Two>. (Companies do like shiny.) Moving data accurately and well is critical whether you want to move your data for a project, for a moment, or forever.
We might already have a tool for it. We might need to pull together some different custom tools we have. We might need to use Midas or Exciton or sheer magic. But we can most likely get your data moved, and we can most likely do it with the highest fidelity available. We are not as cheap as that freeware tool you can download from <Shady Website Du Jour>, but we also don't bring the viruses along with us. We might not have the sales team to take you out to a fancy meal before lifting your wallet and dumping it out on the table.
We just care about data. We are especially good with Notes data, kind of a speciality of the house, but we are quite adept with other data as well. You might need it in JSON or XML or CSV or HTML, or most likely some combination. Whatever your shiny new thing is, we can help you get your data there, and make sure it shines too when it gets there. The image below includes some of the formats we support, but there are plenty  more that are specialized variants, so don't hesitate to ask. Just know that the answer is probably yes, and that even if it isn't, we can probably turn it into a yes in short order. We're good that way. If you want to ask this question or any others, I can be reached at . I look forward to hearing about the data you need for your shiny new thing.
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