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Fri 31 Dec 2004, 02:52 PM
I'm not much into yearly rundowns, but this has been quite a year for Genii Software and for me personally.  I want to thank everybody who had any part in it, whether customer (the customer always comes first), partner or friend.

Sadly, this year ended on a very grim note with the tragic events in Asia due to the earthquake and tsunamis.  My relief that various relatives and friends in Thailand, India and Sri Lanka are safe is tempered by great sadness that so many families were destroyed or torn apart.  I hope that we can all pull together and use the new year to help those suffering so much.  Please find it in your hearts to send a donation to Doctors without Borders or the Red Cross or another of the charities working so hard right now to save the many more lives put at risk.

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Wed 29 Dec 2004, 01:18 PM
I have just heard from my cousin, and while they have not heard directly from my aunt, they have received word that nobody in her community is missing, dead or badly injured.  More later.

News from Auroville (where my aunt lives):

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Sun 26 Dec 2004, 11:42 AM
My brother lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his son, and my mother and father are visiting him for Christmas.  While it sounds like their part of Thailand was spared from the brunt of the huge earthquake that shook the whole region today, I'll feel better when I hear from them.  In the meantime, my hopes and prayers are with those throughout the region.

Update 10:19PM: Brother and nephew and mother and father all OK.  Still waiting to hear about aunt, who is in Pondicherry, India, which has been pretty badly hit.

Latest update: Haven't heard directly from my aunt, but as I mention in my next post, we have heard from the community where she lives/stays that nobody is missing, dead or severely injured.  Thanks for all the kind wishes.

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Fri 24 Dec 2004, 09:13 AM
Whether you celebrate a holiday at this time of year or not, be of good cheer.  We celebrate Christmas, so I will wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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Thu 23 Dec 2004, 11:43 PM
To follow up on my Color coding formula language, I thought I should include the color coding agent I use for formula language.  I'll also put it out in a separate database soon, because you are missing a crucial ingredient here.  That is list of 336 reserved words.  Rather than putting in a whole slew of HighlightText calls for each keyword, I use our HighlightMatching method, which simply looks in a view, pulls out each keyword and then highlights it.  To handle another language, such as Java, would be a trivial case of populating its own set of reserved words.  Note that the HighlightMatching method does distinguish between words and parts of words, so only whole words are highlighted.

Again, this logic is not very robust, but it is a heck of a quick and easy way to color code LotusScript (but you need to have our Midas Rich Text LSX).

' *** Connect to Body field and perform highlight  ****
Call rtitem.ConnectBackend(doc.Handle, "Body", False)
rtitem.CacheLinkMatching = True
If rtitem.IsConnected Then
   If mode Then uidoc.Save
   Set rtchunk = rtitem.DefineChunk("Everything")
   rtchunk.TextWildcards = True      
   rtitem.HighlightFont = "DarkGreen"
   Call rtchunk.HighlightText(|'*|)
   rtitem.HighlightFont = "Blue"
   Call rtchunk.HighlightMatching("", "ColorCode.nsf", "LS Words", "ReservedWord", "", "MinLength=2")
   Call rtchunk.HighlightText("=")
   Call rtchunk.HighlightText("(")
   Call rtchunk.HighlightText(")")
   Call rtchunk.HighlightText("&")
   Call rtchunk.HighlightText(",")
End If

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Wed 22 Dec 2004, 08:25 AM
For those who just can't wait for the data to be cleaned up and finalized, our Lotusphere 2005 Sessions db is available at LS2005_SessionsDB in Pre-Build A.  As it says on the page:
This build is raw, has messy data still to be resolved, and lacks most of the new features such as bloggers, speakers as separate documents, etc., but it is here.

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